Village Players

Village Players present Hickory Dickory Dock a pantomime by Norman Robbins.

Penniless Dame Foxtrot doesn’t know her old Grandfather Clock is a magical possession. Years ago the Fairy Queen locked into it the wicked Black Imp who menaced Fairyland. If the clock ever struck One the Imp would be freed, so the Queen took away the key. But the wicked Wizard steals the key, frees the Imp, and seeks to destroy Fairyland by using him to get the magic Jewel of Miracles. All is set for a terrific battle between the “goodies’ and the “baddies’.

Performances run from Thursday 28th November until Sunday 1st December and then from Thursday 5th December until Saturday 7th December at Elmore Village Hall.  Tickets are priced at £8.00 for adults and £4.00 for children.

Our Gala performance on Thursday 28th November is priced at £15.00 a ticket and includes cheese and wine at the interval. The gala performance will supporting The Jessi Trust and Mind, the Mental Health Charity.