Your Parish Council

Elmore Parish Councillors give of their time voluntarily and none of them receives any sort of payment or allowance for their services.

The Parish Councillors always welcome constructive comments and suggestions.

The Parish Councillors are totally apolitical and remain impartial in their approach to all matters and have been at pains to make sure that any decisions taken have reflected the majority view of the parishioners, formulated at the public meetings or in direct communication.

This is done by making sure that our meetings are publicised in advance and open to the public to express their views. Indeed, we have adopted a policy of permitting comment and discussion during our meetings from those who make the effort to attend.

The dates of our regular Parish Council meetings are publicised well in advance and repeated in each issue of The Bridge and while we make every attempt to publicise extraordinary meetings by posting notices at least 7 working days in advance and sending notification to all those on the database, we appreciate that there are some members of the community who may not be aware of such meetings either because they don’t read the notices, don’t read our newsletters or have chosen not to be part of the electronic messaging via the e-mail database.