An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable unit, designed for people without a medical background, which can administer an electrical shock to a heart attack victim. Thanks to fundraising efforts within the village, Elmore has two such defibrillators located around the village – available to the public at all times.

Heart AttackFollowing a cardiac arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 23% per minute. Given Elmore’s location, and the layout of the village, emergency ambulances can take rather longer than the recommended time to arrive. Such a wait will seriously affect a heart attack victim’s chances of survival.

Research shows that while standard CPR (the traditional ‘first-aid’ approach) on a heart attack victim provides a 5% chance of survival, access to defibrillation improves that chance to 50%.

  • If you suspect someone is having a heart attack, dial 999 immediately.
  • The Emergency Control Centre is aware of the defibrillators in Elmore and will give you a code to unlock the cabinet, access the machine and bring it to the victim.

They will also talk you through how to use the machine, although the unit has its own automated instructions using a synthesised voice. Attached to each AED unit is a pack containing other items helpful in such a situation.

The two units are designed to require very little maintenance. Each is housed in a locked, weatherproof cabinet, which is also heated to ensure the defibrillator pads are always ready for use. They are regularly checked by the people named below and any problems should be reported to them or to the Parish Council Clerk, Dorie Jones 01452 722034.

  • In Elmore Back in the Milking Parlour of Sophie Rounds Farm. Barry Overton
  • In the red Telephone Box outside of the Village Hall. Dorie Jones

Volunteers within the village have received training  on the use of the AED.  Installation of the defibrillators was instigated by Elmore Parish Council with funding from local donations and the precept. EPC is very grateful to the Community Heartbeat Trust, a national charity working to make cPADs more widely available, for its support, enthusiasm and advice with developing the Elmore scheme.